Bifrost Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol (SALP), launched to release users’ KSM/DOT liquidity locked in Crowdloan by generating derivatives. SALP will greatly increase the capital utilization of crowdloan and attract more participants who do not want to lose opportunity costs to support the parachain slot auction. For users, SALP provides the opportunity to participate in crowdloan without DOT/KSM lock-up. For parachain projects, SALP increases the probability of successful bidding. In terms of Polkadot or Kusama ecosystem, SALP will increase the amount of slot auction bonding, allowing DOT/KSM to derive more creative functions.

Bifrost SALP will generate vsDOT/vsKSM and vsBond, two derivatives…

Since Patract officially established the Wasm Contract Open Platform in March 2021, more than 10 high-quality projects have become founding members, such as Acala, Litentry, Plasm, etc. The goal of the Platform is to combine high-quality projects, media and investment institutions in the Polkadot ecosystem to form a professional and powerful Wasm contract technology alliance, promoting the development of the Wasm contract ecosystem by discussing public technical topics and innovation directions.

Recently, we are very honored to partner with the Patract to support Bifrost’s integration of Wasm contract functions. In this cooperation, Bifrost will use the Ask! contract language and…


Bifrost Asgard CC4

  • Study how Runtime compiles to WASM execution
  • polkadot.js integration
  • SALP complete docker-compose configuration file writing
  • SALP API development and front-end interfacing
  • Investigate Patract related products and WASM contract features
  • Deploy load balancing server, support cross-region load balancing
  • Substrate code update merge
  • Merge the code of Zenlink v0.3

Bifrost Dapp

  • Bifrost Faucet optimization and operation maintenance
  • bifrost-subql bugfix and synchronize Asgard cc4 blocks
  • Uploaded SubQuery Exploer
  • Vesting module development and unit testing
  • Fix vKSM & KSM Price
  • AssetDrawer locked icon
  • Real-time balance update
  • Transfer / Mint / Redeem callback optimization
  • Mobile Mobile adaptation
  • Flexible fee bugfix
  • Zenlink Swap pooling and debugging
  • Transaction Waiting…

“Without SubQuery, it is difficult to imagine how complicated it is to manually collect data from the chain. Bifrost developers may spend a lot of time searching for all transaction data on chain to be used for transaction history. SubQuery helps developers save a lot of repetitive work costs. Bifrost will cooperate with Subquery for a long time to accelerate the iterative speed of product development”

—— Bifrost Developers

We recently launched the beta of our new dApp, the official interactive interface for all Bifrost services. Through this dApp, users can mint vTokens, redeem and swap these derivatives, and view…

Bifrost is excited to join the world of PolkaPets with our own unique PolkaPet NFT.

PolkaPets will be the first-ever digital collectible card game that features Polkadot projects in an interactive and immersive gameplay. It is our answer to making blockchain more interactive for community members.

PolkaPets is an NFT Collectible Card where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem. The abilities, behaviors, and strengths of this creature are connected to the specific vision of the Polkadot project of which that creature represents.

And we are excited to announce the launch of…

Bifrost Q1 RoadMap Progress

Q1 of 2021 has just passed, and with the efforts of our teammates and the support of community partners, Bifrost has made good progress in this quarter.

First we finished the development of vETH related functional modules. On this basis, we have conducted two vETH Mint Drops, one vETH Hold Drop, and three vETH Liquidity Drops in cooperation with DODO, Loopring, and SakeSwap respectively. As of the posting, vETH has a good base of minted tokens, number of holders and liquidity. The number of vETH mint is 18,084.25, the number of addresses held is 940, and the depth of liquidity…


Bifrost Dapp

  • Bifrost subql api upgrade
  • Deploy telegram-faucet
  • Optimization result callbacks
  • Asset amount too small issue
  • Real-time balance update
  • Optimize insufficient fee logic
  • Event Subscribe & Message & History merge
  • Swap to Zenlink
  • Home page select currency, keep when refreshing/switching page
  • Fix DOT balance equal to vDOT
  • Default language set to English
  • Update data when switching accounts
  • Configure different Network environment independently
  • Test network ASG related icon logic replacement
  • BNC main network credential data reading
  • Deployment of SubQuery Playground

Bifrost SALP

  • Runtime module development
  • Docking cross-chain functions
  • API interface development and interfacing
  • Front-end page development
  • Development of Substrate Bancor Algorithm Module
  • Mobile Adaptation

Mint Drop

  • vETH…


Bifrost is delighted to announce its partnership with DODO. DODO is the on-chain liquidity provider that utilizes Proactive Market Maker (PMM) to provide highly capital-efficient liquidity pools, single-token provision, less impermanent loss, and minimized slippage for traders. DODO also offers SmartTrade, a decentralized liquidity aggregation service that routes to and compares various liquidity sources to quote the optimal prices between any two tokens.

The two parties will work together to build staked derivatives liquidity through the partnership, creating derivatives liquidity with higher capital utilization and lower slippage. Bifrost has currently established an ETH/vETH pool with a slippage factor of 0.004…

Bifrost Rococo

Cooperate to upgrade the latest code of rococo-v1

Submit a parachain proposal to participate in the slot auction

Create crowdloans and conduct multiple rounds of testing

Bifrost Dapp and Asgard CC4

Supplement the hover status of locked assets

SALP module design

Cross-chain transfer function test completed

tx-wrapper example development

Improve the bifrost-api-sidercar test documentation

Integrate vToken mint rewards

Integrated zenlink swap module, intergrate interface

Increase the market price and mint price curve

KSM card slot auction bidding page development

Fixed internationalization issues under multiple boundary conditions

The component removed and transitioned to chakra-ui

Mint Drop

Circular stakeout income and vETH casting interface docking

vETH coin age…

Bifrost is delighted to announce its partnership with Tidal Finance. Through this partnership, Tidal Finance will bolster the security of Bifrost’s platform by insuring Bifrost’s vToken smart contracts and help launch its initial coverage pool. Tidal will also help cover Bifrost’s slashing losses down the road.

Integration of Tidal asset coverage features with Bifrost

Tidal Finance is High Yield DeFi Insurance Platform offering the DeFi community the ability to hedge against failure of any DeFi protocol or asset.

Bifrost is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity. Its goal is to release liquidity for staking assets by issuing derivative assets. Since Bifrost has deployed vETH smart contract for ETH…

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity

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