Back to Asgard, the Bifrost-branded NFT Collection, returns with some major updates.

After a long awaited period, we are happy to share with our community few updates and previews about Back to Asgard, our first NFT Collection.

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4 min readOct 26, 2022
Back to Asgard - Incubators Banner

As the more observant will have noticed, the Bifrost parachain’s name is an homage to the Norse mythology and its great characters. The Bifröst in fact, recalls the rainbow bridge between Valhalla and the human world, and this time will catapult you into a never-seen NFT experience.

The Collection

This past September, we have been invited to the Dotsama NFT Gallery in Berlin, and we had the chance to officially present to the community our NFT Collection, which will come to light next year. It took slightly longer than expected but here we are, to share with you some juicy information and nice teasers about the whole collection!

To create a great product, we created great partnerships to match.
For this reason, we decided to rely on one of the prominent designers within the Dotsama ecosystem, the StickyFactory Team, aka SFY, an Italian design studio that did an immense job, technically and artistically.

They are also creators of the Squid Squad collection, from our friends and colleagues at Subsquid, and the Donkey Gang, one of the first collections to be launched on RMRK. Back to Asgard combines RMRK’s superb NFT framework with Bifrost’s brand backdrop elements and the stunning design skills of SFY.

Bifrost users will interact with renowned characters from the Norse mythology, such as Loki, Odin, and Thor, and will take part to the great battle that will unite them.

Back to Asgard - Thor’s Armor

NFTs meet the DeFi

Back in the days, Bifrost cooperated with RMRK to issue the Kanaria series of Bifrost items, with the idea, even embryonic, of harnessing the power of blockchain and rewarding holders of our NFTs, with on-chain benefits.

The great composability and their nestable language, gave us confidence that partnering with RMRK would be the right choice.

Our NFTs will be launched on the brand new RMRK2.0 and can be adapted to even more complex applications and, for instance, opens up for a whole
new interoperability between NFTs and DeFi applications. Bifrost intends to integrate RMRK’s pallet and NFT assets on the main network to allow NFTs to exist within the Bifrost network and conduct related flows. This integration will also permit Bifrost to realize its vision of combining the typical NFT-based dynamics with the benefit of the Decentralized Finance.

Whitelist and distribution

The community is and always will be the center of our efforts, and just as the best products we can offer are aimed at the satisfaction of users, the Back to Asgard collection is also designed to reward those who actively participate in the protocol and increase their exposure to it.

We started this process, linking our collection to user’s on-chain activity.

In the last few months, we introduced an incentive loyalty program as part of our most important product so far: the SLP, Bifrost Staking Liquidity Protocol.

Completing different tasks such as minting a derivative token or staking the original ones on Bifrost, would allow users to earn so-called Raindrops. This is a point-based system which assigns a certain amount of credits according to the on-chain user performance.

Through this system we granted +200 Whitelist Spots of our Back to Asgard collection, distributed to active participants of the so-called Rainbow Boost campaigns, who earned it as on-chain contributors. We are happy with the result we achieved so far and we see it as a first step of a long term plan which will reward users with incentives and benefits.

Features and Rarity

Back to Asgard, incorporates Bifrost’s brand background elements and RMRK’s excellent NFT framework. Users will be able mint one out of 3 different incubators, each one corresponding to Loki, Thor and Odin.

Back to Asgard - Odin’s Incubator

After the incubation period, an Asgardian god will be revealed!
Each god will be equipped with different gears, having different rarity traits, making the whole character unique and, thanks to unlimited exchanges, it will have a sort of dynamic rarity.

This allows the value of NFT to change over the time and shape user’s behavior on-chain. With RMRK’s integration, users are free to equip one main character with different gears, making each NFT unique and allowing its intrinsic value to accumulate and change. There is a fixed supply for Back to Asgard NFTs; therefore, users who hold on to these characters may receive maximum value from their exclusive assets.

Back to Asgard - Loki’s Staff

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this epic battle!

Join Bifrost community and participate in our Rainbow Boost campaigns to get one of the last WL spots available.



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