Back to Asgard: the first NFT collection launched by Bifrost.

Bifrost Finance will launch the first round of whitelisting soon, along with their second round of Web3 program of incentives for their native blockchain users, known as the Rainbow Boost.

Bifrost Finance
4 min readJun 23, 2022

The Rainbow Boost Program

On May 16, Bifrost launched its first Rainbow Boost Program: A system of tagging, rewarding and incentivizing the behavior of addresses on the Bifrost chain. Through Raindrop entries, users were recorded and rewarded for their activity, loyalty and participation within the community, thus providing more reward and priority for active participation and sharing the benefits.

Since then, 5 rounds of airdrops have been completed, more than 1,400 addresses have been involved, with a net minting of ~70,000 vKSM through the whole campaign.

The second round of the Rainbow Boost Program is about to land on Bifrost shores, and amongst new rewards and benefits for addresses that actively participate and contribute, there will be the early access to our brand new Back to Asgard NFT Project Whitelist.

Why name it Back to Asgard?

For those of you wondering where the name Bifrost comes from, here is a little tidbit for you: The original word is Bifröst, which is defined as the Rainbow Bridge which connects the Norse Gods Reign of Asgard, to the Earth.
The bridge between the Valhalla and the human world.

The Gods ride it every day, to the presence of Yggdrasill, the great ash tree, seat of the council of the Norse Gods, where the fate of men and the universe is determined. Among the runes of this ancient place watches over Heimdallr, sentinel of the sky, who stands guard every day and every night, so that the giants do not cross the border, in the attempt to climb the sky.

The day of Ragnarok will come: the epic battle between the forces of lights and those of darkness. The ultimate destiny of the world, preceded by storms, lightning and floods, will see Odin and his sons, Thor and Loki, fighting against the obscure forces and its overlords. The last war, the battle which leads to the collapse of the cosmic vault: the Sun and the entire sky will be gone, the stars will fall, oceans will flood, bringing to the end of creation.

But for every end, there is always a new beginning!

The Earth will be reborn from the ashes of the Ragnarok. The new and old gods will unite in one great alliance to guide the Earth itself to a new age of prosperity and glory.

Early Access and Whitelisting

Cool, isn’t it? Now, let’s have a deep dive into the Early Access dynamics and see how to be part of our NFT program through the upcoming Rainbow Boost.

At the end of this month, we are going to launch the second round of our Rainbow Boost Program, which will bring the possibility for our users who get the highest points of Raindrop to obtain the NFT Whitelist Access and enjoy an early access for a pre-purchase.

Each NFT will be revealed to the user after the incubation period and have different rarity and traits: Odin, father of all gods, is the most rare one followed by Thor, the God of lightning and power and Loki, his brave brother, the God of fire, which will be most common one.

The Whitelist, as mentioned before, will be available for a limited period of time, during which it will be possible to purchase incubators in different sales rounds. These are accessible only to those who fulfill the Rainbow Boost requirements and allow users to get their incubators with a discount.

Creators and Platforms

For our first NFT project, we have collaborated with the top tier team of SFY!

For those of you wondering, SFY is the creative team of Donkey Gang, the first 3D Composable PFP NFT project, which gained immediately the attention of the market. The SFY Team has participated in artistic creativity competitions such as Kanaria and actually collaborates with RMRK.

We believe that Back to Asgard NFT project, created by the SFY team for Bifrost, has both the Nordic Mythology and the Modern cutting-edge aesthetics, which meets the expectations of our proud users.

This NFT series will be launched on RMRK2.0! This will allow, thanks to a brand new NFT technology, to incubate in a single NFT its own equipment and its rarity attributes, which can be traded separately!

This means that after acquiring any NFT, you can improve the overall rarity of your character by purchasing new equipments and increase its own value.

So, what are you waiting for?
Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this epic battle.
Side with Odin, Thor or Loki, and get one of the Back to Asgard NFTs!