Bifrost Airdrop Delivery Week! | Weekly Report 03

Bifrost Finance
2 min readMar 28, 2020


Latest News

After the Bifrost testnet event was launched, Chinese partners have gradually started running nodes. Here, the Bifrost team is very grateful for their strong support for this event and their firm support for Bifrost. Therefore, next week we will be holding an online AMA session to help our friends learn more about Bifrost’s principles and practical applications. At the same time, we also held two airdrops with Mathwallets, Polkaworld and Polkabase to give back to the long-term support and trust of Bifrost overseas users. We hope that through the exchange of ideas of more users, Bifrost’s development will become better and better ~

Bifrost Official Website:

Bifrost Whitepaper:

Operation Week’s Work

  • MATH airdrop event ends, Twitter adds 500+ followers
  • Gleam KSM airdrop event was released, as of 18 o’clock on the 27th, accumulated 19,180 points and 400 participants
  • Plan and deploy online AMA events next week

Development Week’s Work

  • oracle module development, docking with Chainlink substrate-adapter
  • rust-eos supports canonial signatures
  • bifrost updated to substrate 2.0.0-alpha-4
  • Remove serde / serde_json in bifrost no_std environment, use lite-json for deserialization / serialization
  • Bifrost removes the hyper and uses the built-in http API of the substrate to send http requests in the offchain
  • bridge-eos-relay impl Future for FFIs, implement asynchronous reading of FFI interface data of EOS nodes

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity. Bifrost is hoped that combining Staking will make the cross-chain more colorful and interesting. At Bifrost, users can exchange PoS currency to vToken at any time through the bridge to obtain Staking income and liquidity. Optimize PoS asset transactions, while retaining user governance rights and increasing the degree of decentralization of the original chain.



Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity