Bifrost Airdrop Delivery Week! | Weekly Report 03

Latest News

Bifrost Official Website:

Bifrost Whitepaper:

Operation Week’s Work

  • MATH airdrop event ends, Twitter adds 500+ followers
  • Gleam KSM airdrop event was released, as of 18 o’clock on the 27th, accumulated 19,180 points and 400 participants
  • Plan and deploy online AMA events next week

Development Week’s Work

  • oracle module development, docking with Chainlink substrate-adapter
  • rust-eos supports canonial signatures
  • bifrost updated to substrate 2.0.0-alpha-4
  • Remove serde / serde_json in bifrost no_std environment, use lite-json for deserialization / serialization
  • Bifrost removes the hyper and uses the built-in http API of the substrate to send http requests in the offchain
  • bridge-eos-relay impl Future for FFIs, implement asynchronous reading of FFI interface data of EOS nodes

What is Bifrost?



Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity

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