Bifrost Dapp launched BNC record query function, Weekly Report 63

1. Deployment of the Coucil Committee
2. Deploy Democracy Referendum Governance
3. Deploy the Technical Committee module
4. Identify the first members of the Coucil and Technical Committee
5. Enter POA governance phase
6. remove Sudo Super Admin
7. Launch vsKSM and vsBond to open referendum transfers
8. Go live with SALP protocol
9. BNC opens transfer proposal initiation and enters referendum


Bifrost Dapp & Dashboard

  • Dapp 2.0.1 page UI update completed
  • SALP chain APO docking completed
  • SALP and SWAP testing and bug modification
  • Bifrost.js update
  • vsBond marketplace module reworked
  • RoadMap module
  • BNC detailed query function online
  • Users connected to the plug-in, click on the focus of the input when the floating layer can be directly clicked on the address automatically converted
  • If the input address is not in Boca format and cannot be converted, the address will be marked in red to indicate that it is not correct
  • Fix the problem of inconsistent display of Bifrost addresses in Dapp
  • Automatic address conversion
  • Replace mock data with real requests
  • API access to verify the main network data
  • Adaptation of mobile terminal
  • Add contact Modal
  • Add Asgard CC4 and main network switching function to the network
  • Add .well known/security.txt
  • Scroll optimization
  • Dashboard type upgrade

Bifrost Node

  • IOST Bridge Test
  • Update vsbond-auction moudle
  • Mobility mining moudle development
  • XCMP communication restrictions and Parity follow up
  • SALP revamp commit
  • Integration testing salp process
  • fix salp benchmark breaking
  • snow bridge testing and technical analysis
  • test bifrost alarm monitoring solution
  • Update subql currency modul
  • Update bifrost.json
  • Added KSM as a function module for BNC to start chargeback assets before transfer
  • Grafana monitoring optimization


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