Bifrost Selected for the First Term Web3.0 Bootcamp | Weekly Report 08

Latest News

Hey guys! Happy Labor Day! This week has been a fulfilling and rewarding week. Bifrost not only won the first selection of Web3.0 Bootcamp, but also showed the concept and application of Bifrost to the entire Polkadot ecosystem at the Substrate Developer Conference. In this regard, we are willing to always maintain this open attitude, continue to deepen the cooperation with Polkadot’s various ecological projects and actively participate in Polkadot’s ecological construction. At the beginning of May, Bifrost will participate in Bootcamp’s opening ceremony and Blocklike resource summit, hoping to cooperate with more outstanding project parties by then ~

Operation Week’s Work

Wechat public account new followers: 32

Wechat community new followers: 60+

Development Week’s Work

Bifrost-eos-relay, add new command line to handle bifrost transaction signature, fix block list verification bug.
Bifrost, use lite-json to deserialize the push_transaction interface return body and extract the transaction ID.
The IOST transfer bridge is developed to implement the ed25519 algorithm for public and private key signatures.

Weekly Activity

April 27 Polkadot Roundtable Online Conference

Lurpis, co-founder of Bifrost, was invited to share Bifrost development and Roadmap at the meeting.

April 28 Substrate Developer Conference

Bunny Nie participates in the lightning talk part of Substrate developer conference , telling about the concept of Bifrost and the application of Substrate to the project.

April 29 Web3.0 Bootcamp

Bifrost was successfully selected as a member of the first phase of Bootcamp, and co-founder Lurpis will participate in the Bootcamp online opening ceremony at Bilibili on May 7.

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a Parachain designed to liberate Staking liquidity. Users can convert PoS currency to Bifrost vToken through Bifrost bridge at any time to obtain Staking income and liquidity.

vToken can optimize transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, Dapp, DEX, etc. When vToken is used as a collateral for lending, its staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest borrowing.

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity

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