Bifrost started 2nd ambassador program, Weekly Report 30

Bifrost Finance
2 min readNov 8, 2020


  • Liquidity incentives BNC Module
  • Fixed Runtime module weights
  • Fixed channel commission module
  • Build and configure Jenkins
  • Asgard CC3 Statistical Review and Issue Incentives
  • Bifrost Dapp functionality optimization
  • Dapp partial bug validation, and regression


  • Clean up the Bifrost address and BNC award documentation for the September & October events, and update and improve the Bifrost address import tutorial, “How do I view your BNC after the incentive event rewards have been issued?”, check details:
  • Updated the Bifrost Wiki Events section with a summary of the event tasks, participation, and prize distribution. September event prize announcement and event documentation (see Bifrost Official WiKi for prize distribution details).
  • The second annual Bifrost Ambassador Program is underway, with 24 ambassador applications received and a total of six excellent applicants making it to the first round of selection. The first round of the Bifrost Ambassador Program will begin on November 7.
  • Release of the Bifrost Asgard CC3 Incentive Testing Network and the October Blockchain Week recap article Since the official start of the Bifrost Asgard CC3 Incentive Testing Network on September 24, Bifrost has participated in 9 online events and 13 offline events, with a total of 26,290 BNCs distributed. 2,797 Bifrost addresses in total. More than 500 followers have joined the Bifrost Wechat community.
  • Changed the section of the Bifrost White Paper formerly titled: IPO (Initial Parachain Offerings), IPO has been renamed to PLO (Parachain Lease Offering) based on Polkadot’s governance proposal, please familiarize. Check here:

What is Bifrost ?

Bifrost is the DeFi project for PoS tokens, that include staking and liquidity both. It allows to get vToken for operations and delivering liqidity, plus you got staking rewards all the time your DOT, KSM,EOS or other token blocked by the smart-contract. You get reward from the Day 1 of nomination, without locking periods and can change your, for example, vKSM for KSM any time. BNC is the native token of Bifrost.

vToken can optimize transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, Dapp, DEX, etc. When vToken is used as a collateral for lending, its staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest borrowing.

With vToken you can hedge the risk of locked positions, DeFi & Staking double rewards and leverage Staking and other application scenarios.