Bifrost starts the Second wave of Ambassador Program!

What is Bifrost?

The second wave of Ambassador program has started.

We are looking for passionate partners

  • Welcome and guide newcomers in your local Bifrost community, provide support, build an active community (Telegram/Riot/WeChat/Discord)
  • Design Bifrost image, meme or other Bifrost event posters.
  • Plan Bifrost events such as online AMA, Interview and attend the international offline Event on behalf of Bifrost if needed.
  • Translation of all announcements or Wiki and updates for your channels.
  • Make Bifrost topic video, introduce Bifrost via your video channel.
  • Design Bifrost Stickers. Need to fit Bifrost’s style.
  • According to your own understanding, blog Bifrost on your social network.
  • Code Bifrost. Submit code or develop some applications for Bifrost.

Basic Reward of ambassador — 100 BNC per month!

  • Extra community achievements (Telegram/Riot/WeChat/Discord) — 100/500/1000/5000 members (bots aren’t counted).
  • Representation on forums and closed communities. Are you an influencer? Let us know what you can do. 10–500 BNC
  • Make articles, tutorials, guides. 50–300 BNC
  • Make video content (depending on views). 200–500 BNC
  • Meetups online/offline, events and workshops, building a business community. 300–1000 BNC
  • Collaborations. Up to 20,000 BNC
  • Building products and businesses on Bifrost Network. Up to 20,000 BNC
  • Banners/Emoji/Illustrations/Infographics. 30–100 BNC
  • Contributing code. You can provide an open-source Github link for bots, Dapps, services, and tooling related contributions and we will reward your contribution after verification. 100–500 BNC
  • Finding bugs. You can actively report problems and submitting the bug of Bifrost on Github. Once the problem is checked and solve, your contribution will be discussed on Bifrost Ambassador Committee. 30–500 BNC
  • Other huge contributions.
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

How to join the program:

  1. Fill in this form to apply for the Ambassador program.
  2. Every candidate will be carefully observed and discussed with the core team in Bifrost Ambassador Committee. This Committee contains the Bifrost staff and community representatives.
  3. After you are approved, he/she becomes a candidate for 3 months, he/she must show the results and starts with a small reward. This reward will increase fast after the candidate becomes a true Ambassador. Bifrost Ambassadors also get free swag.
  4. In the case of bad behavior, being rude, or doing no work in your community as Ambassador, he/she can be fired.
  5. Every Ambassador will have a Google Doc file with contacts and reports.
  6. The committee has a Google Doc file with payments to all Ambassadors, the budget will be spent and used honestly and transparently.
  7. Ambassador Committee reviews all docs biweekly.
  8. We have a longer call every two weeks, for every Ambassador and deliver them news, tasks, asking for their work and share the good vibes.
  9. Rewards will be delivered every one month.

First Wave

Second Wave

What is the PromoTeam?

What is Bifrost ?



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