Bifrost Supports the Composable Crowdloan,Polkadot SALP farming starts for the first time

SALP Farming

Composable Crowdloan

Total Crowdloan Rewards

  • 12,000,000 LAYR (12% of Total Supply)


  • 5% bonus to those who staked in the first 24 hours, by 12/15/21 at 9PM EST
  • 10% bonus to stakers in the first three days of opening the crowdloan

Vesting schedule

  • 25% vesting on TGE
  • 75% vesting linearly over following 2 years

About Composable Network

  • The Composable Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (the Composable XCVM) allows for cross-ecosystem communication.
  • Communication layer/Innovation Availability layer (IAL):
  • Polkadot-IBC cross-chain communication and asset transfers
  • L2-L2 communication and transfers through our parachain
  • Finality layer:
  • Our parachain offering is Picasso on Kusama, and name to be determined on Polkadot.
  • The Composable Routing Layer: Incentivized pathway selection to allow for users to perform actions, in an ecosystem agnostic manner.
  • The Composable Liquidity layer: Mosaic — To ensure the facilitation of transfers, such that there is enough liquidity on destination layers, Mosaic is fit with multiple tools to ensure transfers occur, such as a dispute and security protocol.

What is Bifrost?



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Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity