Bifrost Testnet Asgard CC2 data Recap!

Asgard Candidate Chain 2 just finished. From July 21st to August 21st, Asgard CC2 get much attention from the Bifrost community and partners around the world. During the tests, EOS cross-chain and Validator reached new records regardless of the number of cross-chains and nominations. The data we get helps Bifrost improve and verify the functional logic. The following are the statistics of Asgard CC2 incentive testnet.

In addition, we also received timely feedback from our event participators, from which we checked and fixed some bugs. After checking the online data with the EOS testnet, we have published the latest activity reward rankings. Please click the link below to view. Regarding the issuance of BNC rewards, Bifrost will distribute the rewards before August 28 according to the addresses of participating activities. At that time, participants can log on to Bifrost Dashboard to view.

Rewards list

Bifrost Dashboard

Congratulations to all BNC winners! We welcome friends to audit and contribute to Bifrost’s code at any time. At the same time, they can also participate in Bifrost’s long-term contribution and get more rewards. For details, please see:

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity

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