Bifrost Testnet Experience Tutorial

It has been almost a month and a half since the release of the Bifrost POC2 Testnet network on March 21st. During this period, we issued the BNC testnet token, defined the Asgard network test token name ASG, and held 5 AMAs. A total of 2584 new Bifrost members were added to the global community, and a total of 11,285 BNC testnet tokens were issued.

Our followers participate in the block generation of the network by running the Bifrost POC2 Testnet node, and there are also members who use the Dashboard to experience the POC function of Bifrost. Of course, there are a lot of friends who complain that the wallet is difficult to use, the learning threshold is high, and the access speed is slow. Whether it is encouraging or vomiting, we are very happy to see everyone’s attention to Bifrost.

Bifrost is still in the test network stage, and there are many functions in constant iteration and optimization. Dashboard’s positioning is a console that interacts with the Bifrost blockchain, which contains a series of functions such as address management, chain status query, chain operations, RPC examples and so on.

Due to the current test network stage, the iteration speed is relatively fast, and there is no formal joint third-party wallet access. After the Bifrost App and the network are stable, you can use the long-awaited wallet to easily use the various functions of Bifrost.

Bifrost Update List

1. BNC snapshot, convenient for checking the address and BNC amount when the testnet is upgraded

2. Cooperate with to increase the number of seed nodes to 5, distributed in Japan, Germany and Mainland China

1) 2.1 RPC Service is (n1-n3)

2) Validator is (n3-n5)

3. EOS Jungle Testnet cross-chain support

4. Telegram Faucet BOT gets Bifrost network test KSM / DOT / ASG

Bifrost Asgard Docker

Execute Docker server

docker run \

bifrostnetwork/bifrost:asgard-v0.3.1 \

— name “Bifrost Node 1”

EOS Jungle Testnet Cross-chain Support

EOS test account registration

1. Visit

2. Click 「Create」Create one EOS account

3. Click「Faucet」to get EOS test token

EOS transfers to Bifrost

1. Jungle Testnet EOS account transfer to bifrostcross cross-chain contract

2. MEMO format is


3. After collecting 180 irreversible blocks (about 3 min), the Bifrost EOS Relay node will cast EOS in the Bifrost address.

EOS Cloes operation example

cleos -u transfer eosaccount bifrostcross “50 EOS” “5FtEEfxEdXX5nM5gekhuoWcwWfhW66TtDdcJiBDaCezpF6ex@bifrost:EOS” -p eosaccount@active

Bifrost transfers to EOS

1. Connect to (currently only the node is open for EOS cross-chain signature)

2. Call the bridgeEos.assetRedeem (to, amount) method

a. Parameter [to] EOS Jungle Testnet account (hex)

b. Parameter [amount] EOS amount

3. Bifrost collects Validator multi-signature to trigger bifrostcross transfer

Telegram Faucet BOT

1. Join Bifrost Telegram

2. Send /want {bifrost_address}

3. Get 10 DOT / 10 KSM / 5 ASG

Bifrost is currently in rapid iteration. If you find any bugs during the test, please feel free to submit at, and have the opportunity to receive BNC rewards.

The cross-chain principle and implementation process of Bifrost and EOS Jungle testnet will be announced in subsequent articles. Currently, you can enter the Telegram Group to trigger Faucet to receive the ASG and KSM / DOT in the Bifrost network for testing. You can also use Jungle Testnet to transfer the test EOS to Bifrost to experience the first cross-chain experience of the EOS network to the Bifrost network. Pull Request to build Bifrost together the internet.

Please look forward to the official launch event of Bifrost Asgard Network on May 21 ~

Weekly Updates

Development work

Bifrost updated to substrate2.0.0.alpha-7

Added Bifrost initialization credential function when building chain spec

Build Bifrost Asgard docker image

bifrost-eos-relay && rust-eos adapt to EOS-2.0 producer schedule

Test EOS Jungle Testnet cross-chain

Telegram Faucet BOT goes live

Operation work

Plan 15th May joint AMA activities and debug event tools

Docking Blocklike Instant Chain Resources Docking Summit Event

WeChat public account: 686

Number of WeChat groups: 2584

Twitter: 1793

Telegram: 893

Event Calendar

May 7 Web3.0 Bootcamp Online Opening Ceremony

Co-founder Lurpis spoke at the meeting to share Bifrost’s application and roadmap.

May 9 Blocklike Resource docking Summit

Lurpis was invited to introduce Bifrost and look for like-minded friends.

May 15 Bifrost × Phala Network testnet joint AMA meeting

They Will share the test network of their parties and the current progress of the project.

May 21 Bifrost Asgard network officially released

Bifrost will improve the cross-chain of the EOS test network and test functions such as vToken exchange

May 22 Bifrost × First vip Bifrost how to inject new vitality into Staking?

Bifrost will cooperate with the blockchain media First vip to show the use process and environment of vToken for the first time.

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is a Parachain designed to liberate Staking liquidity. Users can convert PoS currency to Bifrost vToken through Bifrost bridge at any time to obtain Staking income and liquidity.

vToken can optimize transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, Dapp, DEX, etc. When vToken is used as a collateral for lending, its staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest borrowing.

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity