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2 min readMay 27, 2020


When Bifrost meets the Essays with Award, What’s going to happen? Bifrost Network’s first “ Essays with Award Contest” kicked off on May 20. The winner of this essay contest will share 1,000 BNCs. Let’s start it now!

Target Audience

Creators all over the world. Bifrost essays written in either English or Chinese can be reviewed, regardless of the author’s nationality or region of residence.


  • Writing Direction: Staking / DeFi / Polkadot Ecology, around Bifrost or vToken.
  • Words: The minimum word count of a single essay is 500 words or more.
  • Be sure to mark the submission information at the end of your essay. You need to provide the your name, telegram username. Example: Lurpis-@Telegram username.
  • The participating articles must be unpublished original Bifrost articles newly created by the author, and the article word count is not limited.
  • Participating works must be completed independently to prevent plagiarism. Once plagiarism is found, the qualification for this competition will be cancelled.

Award Setting and Quantity

There are 3 Gold Awards for 300 BNC, 6 Silver Awards for 300 BNC and 11 Outstanding Writing Awards for 400 BNC.

Submission Method and Time

Submission Method

Eassy should be sent as attachments to The email is entitled Essays with Award+your essay title.

Submission Time

Submission: 2020/5/20 -2020/6/5


Prizing Giving:2020/6/8–2020/6/14

Note: Please send your essay to the designated email address during the period of submissions.

Awards and Publication

  • The results of the selection will be announced on 8 June 2020, and prizes will be awarded to the winners after their BNC addresses have been collected.
  • All essays for the “ Essays with Award “ will be considered as simultaneous submissions to Bifrost and the best essays will be published in the media.

Additional Information

  • Entries will not be returned regardless of whether they win or not, and authors are requested to keep their own manuscripts.
  • All participants are deemed to have automatically agreed to the provisions of this offer, so please read it carefully.
  • There is no fee for this award.
  • The final interpretation of this activity is that of the Bifrost Network.



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