Monthly Report | The end of Polkadot Unlock events: Total vDOT Minting Supply reaches 6,500,000 tokens

Bifrost Finance
2 min readMar 1, 2024


Bifrost v0.9.93

  • vMANTA added to support whitelist for cross-chain transaction fees
  • SLPX SDK now supports vMANTA

Omni LS 1.0.2

  • Support adding vToken to MetaMask
  • Fix the Subwallet connection & switching


  • In terms of liquidity derivatives, vDOT saw a net monthly minting increase of 773,964 tokens, with a total minted supply (TVS) exceeding 6,520,000 tokens, representing a monthly growth of 11.8%.
  • vASTR TVS surpassed 10,000,000 tokens, with a total locked value (TVL) exceeding $1.6M; and vGLMR TVL crossed $2.6M.
  • This month, Bifrost’s total TVL stands at $111,942,875.
  • Since the launch of vMANTA on January 18th, within 40 days, the accumulated TVL has exceeded $2.4M, with total staked $MANTA surpassing 800,000 tokens, and the number of vMANTA holders’ addresses surpassing 2,000. For vMANTA minting details, please refer to the official Manta Network Tweet.
  • This month, Bifrost and HydraDX jointly released a proposal to increase vDOT Farming rewards by 100%, from 2.5%-5% APY to 5%-10%. The proposal has been executed on the HydraDX chain, for more details, please visit.
  • HydraDX vDOT Farming entrance.
  • Bifrost has completed the Snapshot for the Airdrop plan of the Polkadot community Meme project $PINK. The mapping was on February 4, 2024, at 03:24 AM UTC. For specific distribution timing of PINK, please follow the official announcement from Pink. For block height details, please check the link above.


  • On February 8th, the PINK Racing League hosted by Bifrost and Exiled Racers kicked off. Participants minted vDOT on and added their addresses to the racing leaderboard for a chance to win a share of 10,000 GLMR rewards.
  • On February 9th, as a token of appreciation for the community’s trust and support, Bifrost offered generous red envelope rewards as a New Year blessing. They also collaborated with aiweb3dao, AcalaKaruraCN, CentrifugeAsia, ZeitgeistPM, and DeStore_Network to jointly distribute 600U Lunar New Year benefits!
  • On February 17th, the DED team announced that vDOT holders’ addresses would be eligible for a future $DED Airdrop.
  • On February 22nd, InvArch Network announced that they would take a snapshot of the Polkadot ecosystem in March. vDOT and DOT holders would be eligible for a 20,000,000 VARCH airdrop.