Monthly Report | Total DOT Staking Volume increases as the new Pallet is expected to be Live, soon.

Bifrost Finance
3 min readSep 29, 2023


Bifrost v0.9.82

  • vToken adds support for relay chain OpenGov voting
  • Fixed the problem of reduced BNC issuance caused by SLPx cross-chain transactions
  • OpenGov Referenda voting belief base value reduced to 1 day
  • Bifrost - Polkadot goes online on OpenGov
  • Increase OpenGov governance Decision Deposit to 10 times the current size
  • Cross-chain handling fees are uniformly converted into BNC handling fees for collection
  • Stable Swap details optimization

Dapp 1.8.3 & 1.8.4

  • The cross-chain function in Wallet is updated to the new cross-chain UI\
  • Swap supports the basic functions of Stable Swap
  • Home Page Banner supports CMS modification
  • Optimize DOT cross-chain asset ED check
  • Optimize SALP Redeem method calling logic
  • vToken increases Staker quantity display
  • New Token swap vToken prompts when the price is not as cost-effective as mint
  • Dashboard adds Bifrost - Kusama OpenGov presentation
  • Optimize the asset display function in the upper right corner, and add a quick entry to set the default handling fee


  • In terms of liquidity derivatives, the total vDOT volume staking has exceeded 1,450,000, with a monthly growth rate of 11.23%. This month, Bifrost’s total TVL reached $37,770,813.
  • Bifrost has completed the asset registration of xcvToken on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks through the Moonbeam App client. This includes xcvDOT, xcvGLMR, xcvFIL on the Polkadot network, and xcvKSM, xcvMOVR, and xcvBNC on the Kusama network. Users can now use the Moonbeam App to interact with xcvToken and transfer assets between Bifrost and Moonbeam. Moonbeam App bridge:
  • vToken New Feature: vToken Voting is now live in the production environment. This feature allows users to participate in Kusama’s OpenGov governance on the Bifrost parallel chain using vKSM. It is currently in the final testing phase and is expected to be launched on the Bifrost Dapp next month. For more details, please refer to:
  • vToken Stable Swap has been launched on Bifrost Kusama. This feature utilizes the LST Stable Pool to achieve low slippage swaps between LST and its original token. All vTokens on Bifrost Kusama have been adapted for Stable Swap.
  • This month, Interlay has proposed vDOT as collateral for Vault creation, allowing anyone to choose vDOT as collateral when establishing an IBTC Vault on Interlay. The staking reward feature of vDOT will enhance the collateral income for Vault creators, enriching the revenue attributes of Interlay Vault collateral.
  • As the first parachain invocation case for SLPx, HydraDX used the treasury address to cross-chain invoke Bifrost SLPx and minted 81,800 vDOT, which was automatically transferred back to HydraDX to enrich the treasury revenue. This transaction was completed in one step with the help of SLPx.