New high! The vEOS volume exceeds 8 million! Weekly Report 20

Asgard CC2 Node Campaign data

Node Running


EOS Cross-chain Transfer


  • Cross-chain concurrent transaction competition nonce bug fix
  • Producer Schedule Update bug fix
  • Redeploy bifrost-eos-relay service
  • Cross-chain module test cases are renewed (eos2.0 version) to collect block header verification data
  • Fix the display of Dashboard account balance
  • Fix statistics on the Rewards page


  • The node campaign is in progress, the EOS-vEOS convert tutorial is online, please click:
  • Prepare related materials for Shenzhen Cointelegraph Blockchain Week from August 5th to August 7th, including designing exhibition posters, exhibition boards, customization of promotional pages, and peripheral mailing.
  • Improve the content of Medium articles, translate the Russian version of Medium articles, and continuously output Bifrost’s latest news to Russian-speaking partners.
  • Jointly announce the Bifrost node competition with Ankr. The content of the announcement includes the use of Ankr to build a Bifrost node tutorial and Bifrost address registration.

What is Bifrost ?

Bifrost is the DeFi project for PoS tokens, that include staking and liquidity both. It allows to get vToken for operations and delivering liqidity, plus you got staking rewards all the time your DOT, KSM,EOS or other token blocked by the smart-contract. You get reward from the Day 1 of nomination, without locking periods and can change your, for example, vKSM for KSM any time. BNC is the native token of Bifrost.

vToken can optimize transactions in multiple scenarios such as DeFi, Dapp, DEX, etc. When vToken is used as a collateral for lending, its staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest borrowing.

With vToken you can hedge the risk of locked positions, DeFi & Staking double rewards and leverage Staking and other application scenarios.



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Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost Finance is a parachain designed for staking’s liquidity