What’s the difference between cross-chain and transfer on bifrost.app?

Bifrost cross chain cooperation

Cross chain transfer operation

  1. Go to the Bifrost APP and select the “Wallet” tab. Scroll down to select the Token you want to cross-chain, select cross-chain and click Cross in/out. (Example of cross-chain KSM to Karura)

Transfer Operation

How to send KSM from CEX to Kusama relay chain?

  • When in doubt, please consult the exchange you are using first
  • Most CEX require users to provide the Kusama address (on the Kusama network) where they want to send KSM Tokens.
  • Kusama address always begins with a capital letter. Example address: Cb2QccEAM38pjwmcHHTTuTukUobTHwhakKH4kBo4k8Vur8o
  • After successful withdrawal, users will be able to view the balance through Polkadot App — Kusama address.

How to send a Token to another Bifrost Wallet

  • Use bifrost.app — the “transfer” function in wallet
  • Enter the Bifrost address and confirm the transaction.

Difference between cross chain transfer and transfer

Cross chain interworking between Bifrost Kusama and Bifrost Polkadot



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